illustration: Dan Parsons

Everyday Savings (and Earnings) with Your AMA Membership

By Carly Peters

It was a cold winter night when Allan Soloski discovered his car battery had died. The Edmonton resident, a cook who makes fresh meals for oil and gas workers and firefighters, had just returned to the city after a three-week stint in northern Alberta—and he’d left his vehicle’s interior light on during his absence. So he called AMA for help. Within an hour, he’d signed up for membership and had the battery replaced.

Soloski’s AMA membership was born out of necessity, but he sees its benefits daily, thanks to the AMARewards program. He’s often on the road, so he uses his membership for discounts on dinners out.

He’s also shown his card for discounts at NAPA Auto Parts and other retailers. He recently renewed his AMA Plus membership for free with the reward dollars he’d earned over the previous six months.

“The rewards program is user-friendly, but its main value is that it’s relevant and practical,” Soloski notes. “I can save or earn reward dollars on products and services that I already use.”

Calgary resident James Bonaparte can attest to that. Frequent stops at places such as Jugo Juice, Extreme Pita, Harvey’s and New York Fries has not only meant tasty treats for the AMA member, but also discounts and reward accumulation.

How to save even more with AMARewards

“I use my membership several times a week, whether it’s for going out for food or getting a discount on movie tickets,” he says. “It’s pretty awesome when you look at the possibilities for earning reward dollars on daily purchases, along with savings on so many other things.” That’s on top of all the other perks of membership, including savings on travel and accommodations and the peace of mind that comes with expert 24-hour roadside assistance.

With more than 165,000 partner locations worldwide, AMA members get instant discounts and rewards in-store—and through the AMARewards online store. In effect, you get paid to shop at the retailers you love. Then you can spend what you’ve earned on everything from your AMA membership renewal to booking a dream vacation.

Ever since that first cold-night call, Soloski says his experiences with AMA roadside assistance, customer service and the AMARewards program have always been great. “I have a membership number but am always treated as a member,” he says. “I’m never treated as a number.”

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