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Introducing the Digital Pink Card for Alberta Auto Insurance

By Craig Moy

When you get right down to it, insurance is about making life easier. If you’re in a car accident, insurance kicks in with the resources to repair your vehicle and get you back on the road. Now, insurers in Alberta can make things even more convenient for drivers by providing a digital version of the pink card (i.e. your proof of insurance). Karl Nord, who led this initiative for AMA Insurance, explains how the new electronic document works.

Why must you always have a pink card when driving?
If you’re in a collision, your pink card proves that you have insurance coverage should a claim be filed against you. In Alberta, you can be fined up to $3,500 if you can’t present a pink card when a police officer asks. Plus, your vehicle may be towed.

How does the digital pink card work?
It’s sent to you with bank security–grade encryption and stored directly in your device’s mobile wallet—Apple Pay for iPhones, Wallet Pass for Android devices. The mobile wallet is crucial because of its security and privacy features. For example, if a police officer wants to see your pink card, you can open it and then lock the screen, so that nothing else on your device can be viewed. It also means you can access the card without having to sign into your insurance provider’s web portal—or being online at all.

What is AMA’s stance on going digital?
We’re very much in favour of giving our clients more choice for how they carry their proof of insurance. People have long been able to shop online, and you can use electronic tickets to gain entry to movies and events, so it’s great to be able to offer a similar digital option for AMA Insurance customers. But if you use a digital pink card, your device must always be accessible. Make sure it’s charged—and don’t forget it at home.

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What about privacy and security?
Before the provincial government passed legislation allowing for digital pink cards, insurance companies had to prove that the technology was safe and secure. The card being stored in your digital wallet is an important security feature, as is bank-grade encryption when we send you the card. Client pink card information is encrypted and stored on a secure third-party server in Canada; it’s not stored on AMA servers and we can’t share it with anyone else.

Sticking with the paper card—that’s still an option, right?
Correct. Some people may not have a smartphone or other device, or they may simply prefer to have a physical card. The paper copy can be useful if you’re on a road trip outside Alberta, as some jurisdictions may not accept digital proof of insurance. It’s also handy to have as a backup to the digital pink card. (Though we advise against keeping the paper pink card in your glove box; it’s one less important document to lose if your car is broken into, which reduces the possibility of identity theft.) All AMA Insurance clients will still receive paper pink cards, but if you prefer the convenience of electronic documents, you can now get a digital card by calling 1-800-615-5897 and speaking to an AMA Insurance representative.