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Coming Soon to AMA: Road Test Scheduling

By AMA Staff

Supporting our members through their most meaningful life moments is at the heart of the Alberta Motor Association’s “practically family” promise.So we’re delighted to reveal that we’ll soon add scheduling of road tests to the list of services we provide along the journey to get a driver’s licence.

This closes a proverbial loop for AMA. Previously, aspiring motorists could complete driver education and learner’s licence tests with us, but not the in-car, on-the-road examination—the final step in this important rite of passage, and a sentimental milestone for an association founded by auto enthusiasts.

“Knowing we can be there for our members every step of the way on their driving journey is important to us,” says Michelle Chimko, AMA’s chief operating officer. “We’re delighted the Government of Alberta has provided approval for this additional service to our members. As with any AMA service, we’re committed to delivering affordable value for our members, and to being accountable and transparent about the entire process.”

Alberta’s Minister of Transportation, Honourable Brian Mason, shares this vision. “AMA’s goal of providing an affordable, transparent system of road tests is very much aligned with Alberta Transportation’s own mandate of improving safe travel on our roads,” he says. “We’re committed to making life better for Albertans by focusing on traffic safety, and that should surely start with how we license new drivers.”

How AMA Driver Education programs teach skills for life

Members who schedule road tests through AMA will be assigned an independent driver examiner who is licensed and monitored by Alberta Transportation—and who is not connected with our association or Driver Education program. This independence helps ensure the integrity of the test.

Once you’ve completed your road test, AMA will follow up to confirm that you’ve had a high-quality member experience. We’ll share what we learn with Alberta Transportation to help shape broader improvements in the future. This accountability and ongoing evaluation is very important to the Alberta Motor Association and our partners in government.

“AMA’s pledge to look after our members doesn’t stop with the road test,” Chimko says. “We’ll continue to look for opportunities to make our roads safer, as we’ve been doing for almost a century.”

The AMA team is now in the final stages of getting our road test service ready to offer to members. Sign up online for updates and to be notified as soon as AMA road tests become available.

Distracted driving: Hands-free is not risk-free

Alberta’s Graduated Driver Licensing program makes sure new drivers can develop the skills they need.

Learner’s Licence (Class 7): You must be 14 or older to take the knowledge test. Class 7 drivers behind the wheel must be accompanied by a fully licensed adult. Other restrictions include no driving between midnight and 5 a.m., and zero tolerance for alcohol.

Probationary (Class 5-GDL): You must have a Class 7 licence for one year (and be at least 16) before taking the Class 5 Basic GDL road test. Once you pass, you must comply with restrictions, including zero tolerance for alcohol, and have no more than eight demerit points.

Fully Licensed (Class 5): You must be suspension-free for the last year of the two-year probationary stage, then pass an advanced road test. Once you’ve passed this second test, all restrictions are lifted.

AMA offers a range of driver education programs to suit the needs, schedules and budgets of new drivers. Visit to learn more about our in-class and online instruction options, in-car lessons and more.