Clip 'n Climb in Saskatoon

Cold-Weather Health and Wellness in Saskatchewan

By Kellie Davenport

Find yourself in the land of living skies this season? Even if the weather is still a bit touch-and-go, there are still many fun ways to get your adrenaline pumping or enjoy a few moments of Zen. Check out some of our favourite activities for boosting your health and wellness in Saskatchewan.

Winter got you climbing the walls? Head to Saskatoon’s Clip ’n Climb to literally climb a wall. “It’s a fun workout that’s very accessible—you don’t have to be an athlete,” says co-owner Stephanie Cory, who runs the facility with her husband, Aron. Climbing is also a family-friendly activity that encourages kids to get moving. “If kids see their parents being active and having fun doing it, they’ll copy them. It teaches good habits for a healthy lifestyle,” Cory adds. Clip ’n Climb offers 24 walls and other challenges suited to newbie climbers and pros alike. Auto belay makes it extra safe too: Climb as fast and as high as you’d like, then let go of the wall to be lowered for a soft landing. Children like tackling the Big Cheese, a cartoon-like monstrosity, while grownups gravitate to the Leap of Faith, a scream-inducing jump off a six-metre-high platform.

When you need an invigorating pick-me-up, book a glacier salt body polish at Sahara Spa in Moose Jaw. Exfoliating ingredients from the glacial waters of northern Canada and Alaska buff your skin, while a soothing massage restores tired muscles.

Prairie hospitality in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Ski, skate or cycle your way through the season.

• Glide past snow-covered trees as you skate on frozen Greig Lake. Stay at Water’s Edge Eco Park, where you can also ski and snowshoe.

• Strap on your skis to trek through Lac La Ronge Provincial Park during the 37th annual Don Allen Saskaloppet. March 6 & 7

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illustrations: Jason Schneider

Visit Lumsden, Saskatchewan for wining, dining and ziplining

These active diversions offer a chance to fully embrace the waning weeks of winter.

Wild time: Reconnect with nature at Aski Holistic Adventures, based out of Big Eddy Lodge. Cree-Métis guide Michela Carrière helps you embrace winter with hikes, snowshoeing and camping within the Cumberland House Delta. The certified horticulturalist and herbalist also shares tips about healing plants and other eco-therapies.

On point: Deer, moose and other ungulates shed their antlers once a year. Go on a guided “shed trip” with Horn Hunter Adventures to track down a set, perfect for decorative displays in your home. Guides scout big-game bedding and feeding grounds near Yorkton to help you find discarded moose, whitetail deer and elk antlers. Book during prime shedding season, from late March to early May.