Spice Up Your Barbecues With These 5 Playlists

By AMA Staff

A barbecue isn’t complete without some sizzlin’ good tunes. We’ve got a few playlists for you, curated by some of Alberta’s finest musicians. So, park the car, start the grill, and crank up these songs for hours of backyard fun:

The Edmonton soul-pop singer’s playlist includes songs by Miguel, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Queens of the Stone Age and Enya.

“This playlist is the soundtrack to my ideal summer day,” says Karimah. “I start by pressing play and turning up the volume to my very own dance party while I get dressed. Then, I go outside solo or with friends (at a safe distance, of course) to run around in the grass, eat sweet treats, drink fizzy ice-cold lemonades. I feel the earth between my toes while I dance and sing at the top of my lungs until my cheeks hurt from laughing. Cheers, to summer fun that will last forever!”

His picks are extraordinarily eclectic—ranging from Sibelius to Lana Del Rey to Mahler to Leonard Cohen.

“In order to feel close to our loved ones, we have to experience loneliness. In order to feel uninhibited joy, we must know what it is like to be heartbroken. Through an emotional journey, music can take us from these lows, bring us together, and inspire us to be our best selves, and to feel the purest kind of undiluted joy,” Prior says.

“This is the journey I have tried to assemble for you.  Crossing all sorts of genres (because genre and the idea of  ‘classical’ and ‘non-classical’ music is a totally artificial construction), these are all pieces that I adore, and have been crucial in shaping me as a musician and as a person. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do! Have fun!”

For his playlist, the Lethbridge-based roots and country singer included tunes by Tanya Tucker, Ian Tyson, George Strait and Tragically Hip.

“I filled the cooler with beer, lit a fire, put a steak on the grill and started listening to whatever came to mind,” says Lund. “There wasn’t a logic to the song choice, I mostly went with my instincts, and just played whatever the previous song made me think of. Worked well for me … the steak was done just right, the beer was cold and the tunes all made sense! Hope it works for you, too. Stay healthy and sane, everybody!”

By day, he’s the director of programs at Calgary’s National Music Centre. By night, he’s a musician known as Carbolizer. His playlist features a smattering of soul, folk and indie pop.

“Programming a family-friendly summer playlist that keeps the whole family happy is a big challenge!” says Fox. “I tried to gather a wide variety of genres while keeping the vibe summery and fun, laid back but buoyant. I hope this provides a great soundtrack for your road trips, bbq, or afternoon gardening.”

This Calgary musician and founder of Curbside Concerts created a mix of tunes from the ‘90s, classic singer-songwriters and Alberta artists.

“I’ve always found that food tastes best when it’s cooked outdoors over an open flame with family and friends nearby,” says Masters. “Alberta’s beautiful western landscapes make for the perfect setting to enjoy a locally-sourced meal … kick back and turn up the music.”