photo: Jill Wellington/pixabay

Gadget Recap: Holiday Gifts for Grillers

By AMA Staff

Still looking for the perfect present to get the diehard griller on your list? We’ve rounded up some of the coolest—or should we say hottest—and most recommended gadgets from our Backyard BBQ community to give you a few ideas:

Cedar grilling planks. Perfect for infusing flavour into mild meats, such as salmon or chicken.

• Barbecue griddles. Be sure you’re purchasing a griddle plate that fits the grill’s dimensions. Makes it easier to barbecue breakfasts and messy foods, sear meat and more. Cleanups are easier, too!

• Meat thermometer. Ensure your meats are cooked to perfection. A thermometer is a must for any barbecue enthusiast, but take it to the next level with a wireless or Bluetooth version.

• Smoker tube with wood pellets or chips. Turns your barbecue into a smoker

• Cast iron pans. Simple, yet classic. Great for cooking those side dishes while keeping food safe from falling through the grills.

• Smoker jacket. Insulating a smoker can help to reduce heat loss. You’ll burn fewer pellets while keeping the temperature on the grill at the right temperature, even in cold Alberta winters.

• Tumble basket. Hook up one of these to the rotisserie and evenly cook smaller items like fries or chicken wings.

For help with your Christmas list, check out Barbecue Country,  You Need a BBQ and Airdrie Canvas, three of our Backyard BBQ members. Happy shopping!