Antipasto Advice from the Italian Centre Shop

By AMA Staff

For European specialties, there’s no place more beloved in Edmonton than the Italian Centre Shop. The range of imported Italian goods alone is mind-boggling: pasta, olives, cheeses, dips, spices, chocolate, olive oil and tomatoes galore. And more than 100 varieties of meat at the deli. Which might make the thought of assembling a charcuterie plate, or as the Italians say, “antipasto platter,” a bit daunting. We asked shop owner Teresa Spinelli for a few tips:

• Add colour to the platter with a bright red salami like calabrese or soppressata.

• Choose at least three varieties of pork. Prosciutto, salami and mortadella are traditional.

• Plan for about 100 grams of meat per person – more if the platter is the only food being served.

• Serve red and green whole Bella di Cerignola and Davinci olives. The acidic flavour balances the meat.

• Go for a non-pork option such as bresaola (a dry-cured beef) or pastrami.