Cycling infrastructure is on AMA members' minds (photo: Aleksandar Nakic/iStock)

AMA News: Summer 2019

By AMA Staff

Road safety and infrastructure are top-of-mind for many Albertans, adding weight to AMA’s 2018 Member Opinion Survey. The poll queried 1,000 members on a range of topics, including cannabis and driving, vehicle theft and bike lanes. Among the notable results, nearly 75 percent of respondents agreed that cannabis impairs one’s ability to drive safely, though cannabis-impaired driving was of less concern than either drunk or distracted driving. Well-being on the road was also important to bicycle-owning members: While 50 percent said they felt safe in the saddle, that means an equal number did not feel safe, and only one-third were satisfied with how the bike lanes in their communities were physically separated from other road users. These stats and other data will help inform AMA’s position on numerous issues in 2019 and beyond.

With extreme weather on the rise, AMA offers new ways to insure your home and protect your wallet.

Hail help: Get a discount if you have hail-resistant siding or roofing. If you have our Exclusive Endorsement, we’ll give you a rebate of up to $2,500 to install hail-resistant materials following a claim.

Water wise: If you’ve installed a sump pump and/or backwater valve on your sewer line, we’ll give you a discount.

Service line security: Homes that qualify for AMA’s Enhanced Water Endorsement now get coverage for their water and sewer lines at no extra cost.

More monitoring: Installing a water detection alarm can also get you a discount (alongside existing reductions for monitored fire and security systems).

We’re always thinking of ways to improve the AMA experience. Increasingly, that means making it easier to connect with us online. Now you can visit our website to schedule an appointment for AMA Registries services, including obtaining a marriage licence, requesting a legal name change and seeing a Commissioner for Oaths. Simply choose your closest AMA centre, plus a preferred date and time. These are just the latest AMA services to become accessible online. You can already sign-up for Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew, get a quote on a new car battery and more—all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone screen.

“While on the road, I can’t help but wonder how many observant and curious drivers actually do interpret my plate,” says Gordon Cameron, an AMA member since 1957. At a glance, his personalized X4N6CSI licence plate may seem a bit confounding, but on closer inspection, it proves a rather witty identifier: Cameron spent more than two decades as a forensics crime scene investigator with the Edmonton Police Service. Hence his plate, which means “ex forensics CSI.” Now retired, he remains a life member of the International Association for Identification, the world’s largest forensic association. Register for a personalized plate at any AMA centre.

And whatever your plate, keep it up to date. Sign up online to have your vehicle registration renew automatically, or visit an AMA centre. The start of your last name determines your registration’s expiry.

May: C (excluding Cl), N
June: Cl, H, Sc
July: Av, Be, L, Sz, V, Z

AMA members love our gift cards—and for good reason! They’re extremely convenient, and you earn reward dollars on the purchase price. That’s why a variety of gift cards are now available to buy, year-round, in all 17 AMA centres. Our Ultimate Dining cards are among the ever-popular options.

ama news summer 2019 driver assistance technology dashboard
photo: Gabrielle Grassl/Alamy

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming more common in new cars and trucks. Technologies such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning can help to reduce the number and severity of crashes on our roads. But a recent AAA survey found that some of us are unaware of the limitations of ADAS, while others are in danger of becoming too dependent on them. For example, one-third of respondents didn’t know that automatic emergency braking systems rely on sensors that can be blocked by dirt, ice, or snow, while 30 percent said they sometimes change lanes without performing a shoulder check, trusting only their car’s blind spot monitoring system. We all benefit from improvements to vehicle safety, but the full potential of ADAS won’t be met unless we better understand how to use—and not misuse—the technology.

For six decades, Alberta motorists have trusted Certified Radio to upgrade their vehicles’ electronics—from new car-audio systems and GPS consoles to back-up cameras and remote starters. The family-owned institution is now an AMARewards partner: Members save 15% on retail-price products.