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AMA News: Fall 2022

By AMA Staff

Pedal Less, Gain More

Thanks to years of technological advancements, the electric bike has become one of the easiest, safest and most fun ways to get around Alberta. According to European Cyclists’ Federation, worldwide e-bike sales are expected to grow from 3.7 million (2019) to 17 million in 2030. They’ve quickly become the go-to ride for short trips and sightseeing. E-bikes are sleek, powerful and available in different styles suited to city cycling, mountain biking and more.

With an in-line battery-powered electric motor, an e-bike makes for a dependable and easy means of transportation. While pedal power will shrink your carbon footprint, they won’t shrink your bank account, as they’re an affordable means of commuting. Since 2008, Pedego has been on the cutting edge of e-bike technology, setting new standards for safety, range, power, user-friendliness and serviceability. AMA members receive free fenders and a free bike bell with every new Pedego e-bike purchase, including installation (a combined $85 value). Members also save up to 15% on multi-hour or daily rental fees on Pedego Electric Bikes. Visit for more details.

AMA Nears 100

From learning to drive to buying their first car to their weddings—AMA members have shared their most significant life moments with us for over nine decades. As we gear towards our 100th anniversary in 2026, we’d like you to continue being a part of it. If you have any AMA memorabilia or memories you’d like to share, email

Plates With Purpose

It was a face-off 31 years in the making when the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames went head-to-head in this year’s NHL playoffs. Relive the spirit of that epic clash, while scoring one for charity, with a team licence plate that shows your support. The plates are available for $84, with part of that fee going to community causes. Find out more at

Winterize Your RV

Leaving your vehicle stationary during the harsh winter months could result in mechanical issues down the line. Decrease the risk of damage by scheduling a winterization appointment with Go RV. In 2022, the GO RV Winterize offer for AMA members is FREE Sept 1 – Oct 30 (regular cost is 89.99). To learn more and schedule an appointment, visit

Check Your Battery

Cold weather can weaken even fully charged car batteries. And if your car battery is three years or older, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with AMA’s Mobile Battery Service. If you live in Calgary, Edmonton, St. Albert or Sherwood Park, AMA’s Mobile Battery Service will come to check whether your car battery is up to snuff. The service is also available in select locations by making a roadside assistance request. There’s no charge for the test and if you need a new one you can buy it immediately at a member exclusive price. Plus members save $20, while Premier members save $40. Check out to learn more and book an appointment.

Policy Changes

Accident forgiveness is an extra level of coverage that is added for experienced members with a clean driving record. This part of your AMA Insurance auto policy will protect your rates from going up due to your first at-fault or partially at-fault claim. As of Aug 1, 2022, qualifying AMA Members will have this extra coverage for free! It’s just one of the ways that we treat you like family. Get an online quote with AMA Insurance at

Keep It Up-to-Date

Service Alberta has stopped issuing licence plate stickers. If you’ve relied on the sticker to remind you of your vehicle registration’s expiry, signing up for AMA Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew now makes even more sense. Register at, or visit an AMA centre. The start of your last name determines your registration’s expiry.
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