Grilled steak with a campfire coffee rub. (Photo by

Week Six: Backyard BBQ’s Top 5 Recipes

By AMA Staff

The first official week of summer is now (almost) behind us. There’s no excuse now: We’re well and truly into Backyard BBQ season. So up your grill game by seasoning your meats with unique rubs and sauces, or match your mains with side dishes that put fresh flavours front and centre.


• Give your always-delectable Alberta steak an extra kick of flavour with this campfire coffee rub, perfect for a rustic dinner in your own backyard. Recipe courtesy of

• Backyard BBQer Katryna gave grilled romaine lettuce the ol’ college try—and suggests you do too. It’s a great side dish for classic steak frites.

• Got a smoker at home? Colleen went low and slow to cook up a super-succulent bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, slathered in a maple-chipotle barbecue sauce.

• Though Alberta corn season isn’t quite upon us, barbecue season definitely calls for a few cobs on the grill—no matter where they were harvested. Johanna tells us how to make it even better with her recipe for homemade queso fresco.

• Angela suggests giving your grilled meats a tangy twist with rhubarb barbecue sauce.

We’ll see you again next Thursday with more mouth-watering recipes!

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