Amaretto Saskatoon berry tart (photo: Katie Smella)

Recipe Recap: 6 New Dishes from AMA’s Backyard BBQ

By AMA Staff

We’ve had a bit of a cold snap over the last few days, but fret not: summer’s warmth is forecast to return next week. And sunny skies and balmy weather means more opportunities for outdoor grilling! Here’s our latest batch of favourite barbecue recipes for you to try.


• Backyard BBQ’er Jane gave her sirloin burgers a bit of southwestern kick with Bobby Flay’s peanut chipotle barbecue sauce—plus a tangy chipotle, cheddar and cabbage slaw on the side.

• Another super side dish: a nutrient-packed kale, pea and spinach pasta salad with Italian vinaigrette, courtesy of AMA Backyard BBQ partner 2BK Vegetable Farm.

• Looking for a perfect way to end your week? Erinn suggests twice-baked potatoes and broccoli salad. Oh, and an Alberta steak and local corn on the cob, to boot!

• Got a big basil plant in your backyard or kitchen garden? Teresa used hers—along with some fresh tomatoes—for a traditional bruschetta topping. Then other members chimed in with their basil-y faves, from Italian drunken noodles to lemon-basil chicken.

• Grilling kabobs can be a bit finicky, but Savour Calgary’s recipe for lemongrass beef satay skewers with rice noodles (shared by Backyard BBQ member Wanda) are sure to reward your efforts.

• Finish off any backyard barbecue with a bang, with Janice’s delectable amaretto Saskatoon berry tart—made with locally harvested berries, of course.

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