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5 Ways an AMA Travel Counsellor Can Help Plan Your Vacation

By Jennifer Allford

Quick travel checklist. Knowing a country’s vaccine requirements. Understanding when you can change or cancel a flight. Ensuring your insurance protects you.

Booking a vacation has become a maze of ever-changing rules and regulations as the global hospitality industry grapples with the pandemic. “Making travel arrangements has become significantly more confusing in the past two years,” says Terry Vander Linden, AMA Travel’s manager of product marketing. “Having a trusted, knowledgeable travel counsellor on your side can really reduce the anxiety of booking a trip.” Here are five ways an AMA Travel counsellor takes the pain out of planning your next vacation.


Booking a dream vacation in a pandemic is much more complicated than just picking a destination and booking flights. Today, it requires more research to navigate ever-shifting travel and testing rules. Your counsellor is up to date on requirements around the world, what hotels are back up to speed, and the fine print of insurance and flight changes. 

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No one ever wants unpleasant surprises while vacationing. Booking with AMA Travel reduces the likelihood of issues popping up. “For many people, their vacation is one of the largest investments they make each year,” Vander Linden notes. “So why leave anything to chance?” Working with a counsellor helps you maximize the enjoyment of your holiday.


For many people, Covid-19 has added an extra layer of concern to their vacations. But just like knowing which neighbourhoods are safer for a stroll in a foreign city, AMA Travel counsellors are well-versed in the entry rules and testing requirements for various countries. Travel counsellors always have your back—and your safety—top of mind.

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Not only do counsellors know the hidden gems, hottest restaurants and must-see spots, they also get you exactly what you want. “The more details you share, the better they can customize the best experience for you,” says Vander Linden. “If you like to go to bed at 9 p.m., they’ll request a room away from the hotel nightclub.”


Your travel counsellor always knows when, where and how to find the best options on flights, hotels and experiences. AMA Travel’s professional consulting fee provides the services of a trained travel counsellor, which includes doing all of the research and shopping for you, and finding the best value for the price paid.

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