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5 Benefits to Trip Planning with AMA Travel

By AMA Staff

For the past several years, we’ve been designing a member travel experience that is really unlike anything else available. We don’t believe you should have to choose a website over an in-person visit or a phone call over an email dialogue. You can have any or all of those things in new ways at AMA. Our expert traveller counsellors are always available to assist you with trip planning—and to get you the best possible deals on flights, hotels and more. Here are five ways AMA helps make planning your best getaway a sure thing.

Our 200 specialized travel counsellors are based in every centre we serve in Alberta. Every one of our counsellors not only has loads of training, but also first-hand experience and expertise in specific destinations. We make it a priority for our travel counsellors to learn about new and interesting places. They’ve truly been there, done that, and can give valuable advice on navigating both well-worn and off-the-beaten-path experiences. They’re real people who live in your communities and who’ll be with you before, during and after you travel. Plus, they’re always just a phone call away.

Our expert travel counsellors are in high demand! So always call ahead to book an appointment. You can also tell them in advance where you want to go, how you want to get there and things you want to do, so they hit the ground running for you.

Our new website has been custom built to recognize where you’re from and deliver info and offers that are tailored to you. We have access to the same prices as other major travel websites, but we’ve also negotiated many member- exclusive rates and offers so you get the absolute best value possible. You’ll also find bios detailing the expertise of your local travel counsellors. Best of all, you can book many of our products online, or start there and finish your planning in-centre or over the phone.

AMA is part of the CAA federation and connected with AAA in the United States. Together, we use our influence to make sure our member travel offers are as good—and in many cases, better—than our competitors. Our long- standing relationships with travel suppliers means we can negotiate prices and perks you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve even got a Best Price Guarantee for hotel bookings in North America, as well as select vacation packages.

Learn how AMA Travel helps you plan your trip online, in person or over the phone—or by using all three methods.

These days, it seems like everyone trumpets their 24/7 support service, but have you ever tried to take them up on the offer? If you’ve booked on a major travel website and then called to make a change or resolve an issue, you’ll know that by and large you’ll be connected to a massive call centre. Not at AMA. We take support really seriously. Our dedicated travel professionals in Alberta are available by phone at any time should you run into an emergency while you’re away. Think of us as your own personal MacGyver; we’re here to get you out of any travel jam. You’re in good hands no matter how you’ve booked your getaway or how much of it you’ve booked with us.

Our new travel service is designed to put you in the driver’s seat. You can explore incredible destinations in a number of ways: by your type of travel companions (like family or go solo), for example, or by the type of adventure you’re looking for (such as a long stay, culinary or beach experience). Check out the travel counsellors in your area and across the province who are already experts on your dream journey. You can continue exploring online, pick up the phone and chat or book an appointment to spend more time considering your options with a counsellor in one of our centres. You decide how much or how little support you’d like from our team. And regardless of how you use our services, we’ll always be there to provide support while you’re away.